Evangelism Shift


"Partnering with EvangelismShift has helped me as the Pastor for Evangelism and Discipleship to communicate more clearly that every Christian can be effective in evangelism. By intentionally choosing to invite non-Christians into what you are already doing in life, you will have many natural opportunities to engage in conversations that matter most to you.  If God matters most, then He will become a part of many conversations.”

- Matthew Munn

"I am really excited to be starting this journey... I feel like rather than Evangelism being like Mt Everest, i fell like this is taking me to base camp and then we will be going up, up, up, however God wants to take me quickly, and whatever he wants to do, I just want him to do what he wants to do with my life.  I am SO excited about it."

- Carolyn - Woodvale Baptist Church

"I love the fact that you are keeping these ideas so simple.  Straight from the scripture.  Ideas that get right to our hearts so that we can then reach out to others with the heart of God. The simplicity is what makes it such a good program."

- Participant - Woodvale Baptist Church

"I have been really challenged about the term of being 'natural'.  Having natural conversations and natural relationships with people.  To be able to have that natural connection and natural prayer and natural time is a real challenge and I hoping going to be a real blessing to people."

- Mark - Raymond Terrace Community Church

"It has given me a sense of excitement about building new relationships."

- Participant - North Coast Churches