Evangelism Shift


"After this session, I have felt and became aware of my need to depend on Christ to lead me in a witnessing lifestyle. I believe that I haven’t let this work impact my life yet due to my own pride. However, from now will seek to submit to God’s will and depend on His strength to be an effective witness."

- Participant - Western Sydney Churches

"It is great! Loving how I’m able to share Jesus and the gospel in my everyday life which is something I had not thought about before starting EvangelismSHIFT."

- Participant - Melbourne churches

“EvangelismSHIFT is just what I needed, I know I’m not on the job for Jesus in an intentional way!”

- Participant - Gunnedah churches

“My opportunities to share the gospel have been increased since EvangelismSHIFT. At work, I have decided that people's eternity is more important than what others might think of me."

- Participant - North Coast Churches

"Ever since attending EvangelismSHIFT I have started sharing the gospel on planes, with my mum's groups, with friends and even other Christians who had various questions."

- Participant - North Coast Churches

"I am spending time with people who I am witnessing to. I holidayed with one, invited another to talk about how God can help her in her messy relationships, another is coming to our church camp next week. Exciting times..."

- Participant - Northside Church

“This was the most helpful session for me—it answers the question of why I find ‘spiritual conversation’ so hard! (and this gives me hope).”

- Participant - Perth Churches