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Hello Growth Group Leaders,

Hope your first few weeks of 2016 have been refreshing in the Lord and you are trusting Him for a fruitful 2016. February is next week and as you know this also means Growth Groups are starting soon.

Thank you for those who have registered on the evangelism web site and those of you who have been connecting with people for your GG.

1. Confirm with me by Thursday Noon (tomorrow) your GG’s day of the week, time, location, and main contact person. I will use this information to communicate to others who are still looking to be in a group and for new people visiting WBC.

2. Confirm the names of everyone in your GG.

3. Contact everyone in your group and ask them to register on the engelismshift.afci.com.au website and take the beginning survey. This will allow us to communicate and care for people more effectively. (we have some unfamiliar names or they are misspelt too).

4. I was reminded today of a $52 a participant cost for the whole year. This cost provides for all the materials, journal, and book each person will be receiving. Its an amazing good deal for $1 a week and it is purely cost. I will communicate more about this soon as EVS will be sending me more information to send to you.

5. Pray for God to mold our church family to be everything He wants us to be, for grace to abound, love to be generous and transformation to be evident to all in our sphere of influence.

Thank you for sharing the journey of faith in becoming His Sent Ones.

You are a blessing,

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