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Proverbs 14:12

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.”

Stop and think about where you are headed!

Where you are in life does not matter nearly as much as where that way of life will take you. Where you are in your thinking is important because of where you will end up if you keep thinking that way.

A good way to evaluate where you are headed is to think about where you were in your life two years ago compared to where you are now. Have you been moving toward God, becoming more like Jesus, building your life more around his word? What about in your thinking? Have you been allowing God’s way of thinking about life, revealed in the Bible, to become the basis for your way of thinking about life?

If not, then God is calling you today to make a change. If your life is not headed towards God and his word, then it is impossible to get there without changing directions. This change does not happen automatically because you want it to. You must stop and think about what is taking you in the direction you are going, and what it would take to move you in God’s direction.

Is God living his life through you, or are you only asking him to help you out occasionally? Do the people around you see you living God’s life and the difference that makes, or are you just living on the secular level?

Stop and think—it’s the first thing to do. Then make choices and take action, confident that God’s ways lead to life!


As you look at all the questions in this devotional, try to answer them honestly in order to identify an area in which you need to grow. Is it your thought life? Is it your prayer life?

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