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Psalm 1:3

In all that he does, he prospers.”

What a promise God has made to us!

Be careful not to make the promise say what you want it to say. It doesn’t mean that if a 50-year old man tries out for a professional basketball team, he will be one of its top players!

It doesn’t say whatever he does prospers, but rather that he himself prospers, no matter what he does. You may have thought that being blessed by God means that you are making top marks at school, or that your business is booming, or that the person you are interested in is also crazy about you. And those are great blessings.

But what this Psalm is telling us is that even when your business is not prospering, you can be prospering — in your inner life! Even when your heart-throb doesn’t love you back, you can still be finding joy in your relationship with God.

Do you see God’s invitation to you in this Psalm? He’s inviting you to go deeper than surface Christianity—and that’s what people around us need to see! He is inviting you to really walk close to him, to measure your Christianity by more than your bank balance. To find out that life’s greatest blessing happens inside you, not outside. To know that the richest person is the person whose inner life is in tune with God. And to be living a life so that friends and family can see that you have something that’s really worth having.


How have you grown in your faith in the last six months? Are you prospering or collapsing or on the inside?

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