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Matthew 10:28

“And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.  Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”

Don’t take God lightly!

It’s easy in the midst of the pressures and distractions of life to get so focused on our own lives that we start to think that the universe revolves around us, that even God exists for us and that we can assign him any level of importance in life that suits us at the moment.

What a terrible mistake! The universe revolves around God, not us. All living things, including us, exist only because he wills it to be so. Every person will one day be accountable to God for his or her life. Because each one of us has broken God’s moral laws, we all deserve the horror of eternal hell.

Don’t take it lightly. It is your future unless you find forgiveness with God. You will not gain forgiveness by doing lots of good things or going to church or getting baptised. The only way to forgiveness is the way that God himself has made. Jesus died on the cross. He took the penalty that you and I deserve so that we can be made acceptable to God.

Think of the people around you in life. God has sent you into their lives. Think of them facing hell for eternity. Let that reminder galvanise you to get active in moving forward with your redemptive relationships! This is really serious.

Our penalty is paid. But people must receive the forgiveness God offers them by trusting in Jesus Christ.


Do you believe that God can forgive your worst sin? Why or why not?

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