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Nehemiah 6:1-4

“Now when Sanballat and Tobiah and Geshem the Arab and the rest of our enemies heard that I had built the wall and that there was no breach left in it (although up to that time I had not set up the doors in the gates), Sanballat and Geshem sent to me, saying, ‘Come and let us meet together at Hakkephirim in the plain of Ono.’ But they intended to do me harm.  And I sent messengers to them, saying, ‘I am doing a great work and I cannot come down. Why should the work stop while I leave it and come down to you?’ And they sent to me four times in this way, and I answered them in the same manner.”

Don’t get distracted from the main thing God wants you to be doing!

When you come to an understanding of how God wants to use you in this world and work through you in every situation you find yourself in—then you begin to focus on that and start making a difference.  You can be sure that when you start to focus like this, the enemy will try to distract you, either through fears and concerns, or with conflict, or even with other good things.

Don’t get distracted. Think about Nehemiah’s response to the distractions thrown at him: “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down.” If necessary, cut back on some of the other good things you’re doing so that you can focus on God’s purpose for you. Remember that the disciples had to do this as demands on their time grew (Acts 6:1-6).


What is your life filling up with that is taking time away from God’s mission to those in your life who need to meet him? Take some time to hand those distractions over to God and do some pruning of good, but not as important activities.

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